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Adelphi University's Department of Dance

Resident Production Stage Manager


Costume Design/Coordination by Sean Sullivan

Lighting Design by Joshua M. Monroe 

Photography by Peter Frutkoff

Martha Graham: Chronicle, Night Journey, Dark Meadow
Restaged by Marnie M. Thomas

Lar Lubovitch: Marimba
Restaged by Orion Duckstein

Manuel Vignouelle: Rituals

Jennifer Kreichman & Joy Douglas: Metamorphosis

Jessie Ryan: Encounters

William Briscoe: In These Streets, Shine

Aszure Barton: Blue Soup
Restaged by Jonathan Emanuell Alberry

Earl Mosley: Journey

Oliver Tobin: Convergent

Orion Duckstein: Closer to Closure, Consumed, When We Fly, Desirium 2.0, Not Yours Never Was, Beyellim, The Day Sky

Adelheid B. Strelick: This Is Not About Gould
Dance with the One Who Brought You,
2002 / From K to Point(e), Unknown Knows

Frank Augustyn: Excerpts from: Bournonville's Napoli,
La Esmeralda & Diana and Acteon, The Nutcracker, Paquita, Columbine & Harlequin, Flames of Paris

Union College's Department of Dance

Concert Production Stage Manager

(2022 - Current)

Costume Design/Coordination by Brittney Belz

Lighting Design by Andrew Bodd 

Photography by Ryota Matsue

Winter Dance Concert 2022
Choreography by Miryam Moutillet, Laurie Zabele Cawley, Isabella Russell, Lilly Kurker, Leigh Cavanaugh, Mary Melo, Michela Michielli

Photos Coming Soon

At The Intersection
Winter Dance Concert 2023
Choreography by Megan Flynn, Laurie Zabele Cawley, Maxine Lautenberg, Isabella Russell, Jordan An, Haylee Snow, Emily Armlin, Armanda Noel, Zoe Watson

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