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Hello! Fancy meeting you here!

I'm Mackenzie, a professional freelance stage manager based in New York City. I grew up in central Connecticut and attended Adelphi University in Long Island, where I earned a BFA in Theatre Design & Technology with a concentration in stage management. 

As you will see throughout my website, I try and maintain a well-rounded series of work, which has led me through a vast part of the spectrum of live performance, from dance and theatre to rock concerts and orchestral symphonies. 


I spend my summers as a teacher at YPI Inc, an arts summer camp in Connecticut where I am part of a team of creatives who inspire the next generation of artists to find and express themselves through taking risks. 

You can see more about YPI Inc on their website:

During my limited free time in New York City, I also work for Wag!, the dog walking app. Doggos are a very important part of my life and I love getting out to experience the city with a pup by my side.


I love all the work that I do. The arts are a passion and my work as a stage manager allows me to be a part of a larger team of talented individuals who help to bring the importance of theatre to others. 

I am grateful for all the roads my career has led me down, and I look forward to the future and where I may go next!


In my free time, I love tap dancing, coloring, playing guitar, and cross-stitching. (Feel free to take a peek at my Instagram for my craftier side!)

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